And We Begin Again

And We Begin Again The world right now is asking us to show up.  To be our best and brightest selves.  This process is a clearing of sorts.  Sometimes entering the next realm of being and staying in alignment with our authentic selves, means letting go of that which no longer serves us.  Whatever it […]

And how are we supposed to live this life?

AND HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE THIS LIFE….. October 23, 2017 With all that is set before us. How are we to live through and feel and make sense of it all.  The pain of life and living seems to be in the forefront of recent days. As I work with everything that is […]

Join the Niraj Family

Dear Niraj Community, Niraj exists because of you. We come together in practice time and time again with unified hearts to walk the sacred path of Yoga. Every time I walk into Niraj I am so humbled by the community’s depth of commitment –  your willingness to continue to show up for yourself, for others, […]

I release you, with Love.

I release you, with Love. We are shifting. We’ve been in a season of transition and the move into Autumn layers on even more change. Times of change require us to take inventory of what’s working in our lives and what isn’t. It is a time to check deep within, receive and hear our truth, […]

Letting Go

Letting Go If anything has been clear lately, it’s that things are shifting and changing.  It is unignorable, and sometimes the path to making big changes is not as easy as we would like it to be.  Events in the past few days have rattled me to my core, but sometimes we need to be […]

Remembering Abundance

Through yoga we come together to remember that which is our birthright; simply being is always enough. In this auspicious time of marked transition – moving from light towards darkness, summer to fall – we are granted the opportunity to reflect, reset, and set intentions for what lies ahead. The Autumnal Equinox and this first […]

A Turning Point

In nature-based faiths, the seasonal shift that comes with the equinox was believed to be a sign that nature was “winding down,” or reaching the final stage of its annual cycle of birth and death. The September 22nd Equinox is the turning point of the year, the halfway point on the cycle through the stars. […]