Truth Bomb

There comes a point where living the truth inside you becomes more important than worrying about the consequences of living it. It is a courageous threshold to cross, as your truth will likely not align with everyone else’s, and you’ll probably upset someone, somewhere. Sometimes truth comes out as a compassionately curated statement spoken gently […]

A note from Kathleen…

Blogging feels like a foreign concept these days. As does journaling. As does any 5 minutes I have free to be writing anything with a toddler who’s not only a mover and shaker, but also a serious Momma lover. I mean, he sure loves his Daddy too, but if I’m around, it’s me who does […]

The Courage of Your Love

The Courage of Your Love Love is without reason; rationality is like a cane. Judgement needs a cane because it is blind. When love arrives, thought dies in its shadow. Love is the sunrise, while thought is only a flashing light. -Rumi Often in our culture it seems that strength is often defined by our […]

Step into the Darkness

We are in deep preparation for stepping into darkness. This is the darkest week of the entire year, as we move towards the shortest day of the winter solstice and experience the darkness of this recent new moon. My beautiful teacher Johanna Bell has the following quote on her website: There are two ways of […]

And We Begin Again

And We Begin Again The world right now is asking us to show up.  To be our best and brightest selves.  This process is a clearing of sorts.  Sometimes entering the next realm of being and staying in alignment with our authentic selves, means letting go of that which no longer serves us.  Whatever it […]

And how are we supposed to live this life?

AND HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE THIS LIFE….. October 23, 2017 With all that is set before us. How are we to live through and feel and make sense of it all.  The pain of life and living seems to be in the forefront of recent days. As I work with everything that is […]