a Sanskrit word that translates “to place in a special way, linked with the breath”.

a Sanskrit word that can translate as “a general order of things; a step or level.”

At Niraj, we call our classes krama vinyasa or vinyasa krama, because we teach a style of vinyasa that gradually builds upon itself. Below are descriptions of Niraj’s current class schedule. Please feel free to email us with any questions

  • Foundations of Krama Vinyasa
    A slower-paced vinyasa class that explains the way co-owners Kathleen and Melissa teach. It is foundational in that anyone – from beginners to advanced yogis – can benefit from this breakdown in specifics, along with understandings of alignment and vinyasa.
  • Krama 1 (K1)
    Comparable to a “level one” vinyasa class. These classes will have a natural element of flow and carry all practitioners through a journey that continually evolves.
  • Krama 2 (K2)
    The next level of the practice. Though we do not consider K2 classes advanced, there will be poses that may be new to some people and we encourage folks to have some understanding of vinyasa yoga. In particular, it may be helpful to explore either our foundations or K1 classes.
  • K 1/2
    An amalgamation of krama 1 and krama 2 style classes. All are welcome to attend and to practice at a level most comfortable to them.
  • Slow Flow
    An all levels class similar to K 1/2 during which postures in the flow are held for longer to allow for detailed alignment cues and to encourage the practitioner to pause and deeply feel the energies of the poses in their body.
  • Community Class
    Offering an opportunity for our 200/300 teacher trainee students and graduates to teach vinyasa flow yoga. All levels welcome.
  • Yin Yoga
    A quiet and still practice that is designed to work deeper connective tissue and energetic lines of the body. With less movement than a vinyasa class, Yin will target ligaments and tendons and fascial tissue. This is an energetically balancing practice that opens the body to allow energy to flow freely. All levels welcome.
  • New Moon Restorative Yoga
    Explore your limitless capacity for rest and relaxation as the energy of the New Moon guides your awareness deeply inward to connect with all of your layers of Self. This practice is all about finding comfort in completely passive postures, heavily supported by props and held for 5-10 minutes. Create the space for yourself to settle into stillness and cultivate ease and renewal of mind, body, and spirit.