At Niraj, we named our classes krama vinyasa or vinyasa krama, so we demonstrate a vinyasa style that gradually builds on itself. Below are details of the existing class schedule for Niraj.


A Sanskrit word that converts "to place the breath in a special way."



A Sanskrit term that can be translated as "a general order of things; a step or a level."

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- Foundations of Krama Vinyasa

A slower-paced vinyasa course that describes how co-owners Kathleen and Melissa instruct. It is important that anyone – from newcomers to experienced yogis – will benefit from this breakdown of detail, along with the comprehension of coordination and vinyasa. 

- Krama 1 (K1)

Comparable to the "level one" tier in vinyasa. This courses will have a natural flow aspect which will lead all practitioners on a path that continues to evolve.

- Krama 2 (K2)

The next point of the practice. While we do not consider K2 advanced lessons, there may be poses that might be unfamiliar to certain people, and we urge people to have some knowledge of vinyasa yoga. In specific, it might be useful to discuss either the foundations or the K1 groups.

- K 1/2

A mix of krama 1 and krama 2 type schools. All is welcome to attend and perform at a pace that is most agreeable to them.

- Slow Flow

An all-level class similar to K 1/2 during which flow postures are kept for longer to allow for precise balance and enable the practitioner to stop and sense profoundly the energies of the poses in their bodies.

- Designed and Aligned Flow 

A class of slow vinyasa sequences backed by supports (such as tables, bricks, and walls) with specific attention to each pose as a practice of meditation, balance, power, and flexibility.

Community Class 

Offering our 200/300 instructor trainee students and graduates the chance to teach vinyasa flow yoga. Welcome on all stages.

- Slow Deep Release 

Eclectic and exploratory class: not too hard, not too fast. With kinesthetically creative approaches, Susannah's earthy class is a combination of classical asana, conscious action, pranayama and restorative practices: all important self-care techniques that will relax the nervous system, relieve anxiety, regain mental ease and calm the mind. Welcome on all stages.

- Yin Yoga

Quiet and still-practice, designed to operate deeper connective tissue and energetic lines of the body. With less movement than the vinyasa class, Yin can attack ligaments and tendons and fascial tissues. This is an energy-balancing activity that opens the body to allow energy to circulate freely. Welcome on all stages.

- New Moon Restorative Yoga

Explore your boundless potential for rest and relaxation as the force of the New Moon drives your awareness profoundly inward to communicate with all of the layers of Self. This exercise is all about seeking relaxation in fully passive postures, firmly supported by props and kept for 5-10 minutes.


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