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Niraj Yoga Mission Statement

Practice. To give up. Practice surrender. To let your heart lead the way. It's to breathe. To be right in the moment. To understand that this is going to happen, too. To be open, man. To be honest with you. To be true of ourselves. To understand that there's something bigger here – but that we're as big as that. It's to love.

To honor and cherish all that is. To wish for it. To live with it. To say yes to that. To say no, no.

To know that all this is going on for us. To find your faith. To walk in the middle of the way. To pay tribute to the left and the right, masculine and feminine, solar and lunar. To recognize that everything is going to crumble & change. To be willing to move. To let it go of it. Well, to pick it up. It's to mess it up. To stop it all. To keep this going. Oh, Om Shanti.

- The Wall of Buddha


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